Alom – Railway engineering & supply

Alom is engineer and supplier of railway products as rails, complete rail fastening systems and rail components. The strategy of Alom is being proactive with the rail industry regarding safety, environment and availability of the track. 

Alom is active in different rail related branches such as;

  • Mainline / High Speed Line
  • Light rail / Tram / Metro
  • Crane track
  • Industrial track
Experience and Knowledge built up during many years being active in the different disciplines in the rail infra is used to improve existing fastening systems where possible and to design and construct new rail fastening systems. We would like to request your special attention for our AVK rail fastening systems which can save you a lot of time and money. 

It’s Alom’s aim to transfer its knowledge and experience in the rail business into reliable supplies with the right price/quality. Your wishes and providing you with a maximum of service is for Alom the starting point. Unburdening of our clients by engineering, supplying according to the end customer specifications is one of our main focus points.

More information about Alom?

For any railway engineering or rail fastening system enquiry please contact us!