Certified geotextiles for the railway

In addition to “Tracktex” as the solution for improving underlay stabilization on clay soils and “Cu-Tex” as a “root barrier” against weeds in or near the track, three more Geosynthetics have been certified to make the product portfolio of Alom even more comprehensive.

Geotextile RK1 in accordance with SPC00252-1 application 4a (application with chain screen)

RK1 is a separation and filtration geotextile. Robust non-woven geotextile made of 100% polypropylene fibers with high tenacity. The fabric is used under the ballast and has excellent filter properties and high UV and abrasion resistance.
Geotextile HPS5 in accordance with SPC00252-1 application 4b (conventional open excavation)
Non woven filter cloth made of 100% polypropylene fibers with a high tenacity. Optimized with maximum strength and punching resistance for ballast handling at greater drop heights. It retains its excellent filter properties and high UV and abrasion resistance for optimum performance.
Both products are available in standard widths but can be supplied up to 6m on request.
Geogrid RK4 in accordance with SPC00252-3.
RK4 is a biaxial polypropylene geogrid that is laminated on one side with a Geotextile (in accordance with SPC00252-1). The properties of Geogrid provide primary reinforcement and preservation of the load-bearing capacity of the track construction, combined with the geotextile as separation and filter fleece.
Alom can deliver these products from stock everywhere. For more information call 0183 56 56 63

Alom supplies the thermal welding systems of producer & Partner Pandrol on the Dutch market. "Pandrol's welding packages have been used for decades as a global market leader in the railways, and the certificates have already been obtained in the Netherlands," says Mark van den Rijen, director of Alom BV.


ProRail 'experimental garden' with FFU sleepers.

ProRail set up a testing ground in the track between Zwolle and Heino with four different types of alternative, sustainable sleepers. This is a two-year trial in which the applicability of the sleepers is tested and the degree of noise and vibration reduction is also examined.


Pandrol drives greater weld traceability in rail sector.

Pandrol, the market leading manufacturer of aluminothermic welding systems, has released an innovative new app which is specifically designed to improve weld traceability across the rail sector. The app is also available for the Netherlands.


Innovative Rail Crossing Systems

• Independent of sleeper spacing • Precise and secure • Cost effective • Rodded for extra strength • Quick & easy to install • No special tools required


Tracktex, An effective, economical, easy-to-install replacement

‘Tracktex’ is a micro-porous filter sandwiched between two geotextile protectors which, when deployed at the base of ballast, prevents rain water penetrating through to the underlying formation but allows upward movement of water whilst filtering any fine soil particles.


New type anti- trespass panel certified by ProRail

Specifically designed to deter and delay access to prohibited areas, Rosehill Anti-Trespass panels are a proven physical and visual deterrent. This type of anti-trespass panel has been approved by ProRail spc 000287 version 2.



Haags Startstation Erasmuslijn (HSE).

To have more space at the track, the E-Line has a new end stop named HSE ( The Hague start station Erasmus line) The HSE is the new metro stop which connects Rotterdam and The Hague.


Alom's Concrete sleeper NS90

Alom's concrete sleeper NS90 has been tested and approved by ProRail SPC00021.


Synthetic Railway Sleepers: Light, durable en strong

Alom offers , along with Sekisui, a Synthetic Railway Sleepers. These synthetic sleepers are produced by compressing single strands of glass fibre with polyurethane foam using a high pressure extraction press. The expected lifetime is more than 50 years.