Alom’s Concrete Crane Rail Sleeper Type K1- 32T: A proven system. .




Alom is proud to work with ArcelorMittal; a leader in rail production.


Alom is proud to work with Amorim; the leading supplier of cork rubber materials for vibration control in e.g. railway applications.


B+Btec produces different anchor bolts for the rail industry. Together we engineer, select and test the right anchor bolt for each specific rail application.


Alom is proud to work with DT;a solid partner for turnouts & crossings


Alom is proud to work with Gantrail; the leading supplier of crane rail clips.


Geofabrics Limited is a British manufacturing company established in 1992. They manufacture high-performance geotextiles to a high-quality standard.


Alom and Moravia are partners for parts for railway superstructure and rails. The manufacturing of components for railway has been a long tradition at the company.


Through the many years of experience in this field and the close co-operation also with Alom, they specialized in meeting the specific requirements of the rail industry


Synthetic Railway Sleepers: Light, durable, strong and saves maintenance Alom offers , along with Sekisui, a Synthetic Railway Sleepers

Rosehill Rail

Alom and Rosehill are partners starting in 2017. Rosehill Rail’s solid rubber crossing panels provide safe and unimpeded driving and walking wherever road and rail cross.


Alom represents Pandrol’s aluminothermic welding product and service .in the Benelux. Pandrol offers customers quality, reliability and innovation that sets the industry standard.